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Entire information about CNC laser cutting machines

CNC laser cutting machine is the automatic metal cutting machine using the most modern metal cutting technology today. To invest a CNC laser cutting machine, Vietnamese enterprises import CNC laser cutting machines from other countries with high cost. If the machine is bought with cheap cost origin from China, the quality of the machine is often not guaranteed, and high operating costs will arise.Many domestic enterprises, who are our close customers in the field of CNC plasma cutting machine and Auto Line automatic windpipe production line, has suggested: "Why dont we research to produce CNC laser cutting machine for Vietnamese enterprises who give a huge demand for using them can buy with good quality machines and cheaper prices ".

We are the pioneer in the field of manufacturing automatic machines for the mechanical industry. When we know the necessities of our customers in particular and national customers in general, Ngoc Viet CNC has appointed Engineer to advanced countries to study, research and have launched the first generation CNC laser cutting machines in Vietnam. Ngoc Viet CNC laser cutting machine is manufactured according to European standards with components imported from countries France, Germany, America ...

Inquires products of Ngoc Viet CNC: Fibre CNC laser cutting machine The production criterion of Ngoc Viet CNC is Vietnamese people can own the most modern, world-class and advanced technology but create by Vietnamese. That why our customers always buy the product with a lower price than the imported products from Japan, America but the same quality. Furthermore, our policy of warranty and maintenance are always quick and professional.… This article, we write all the information about laser cutting technology as well as CNC laser cutting products to companies and customer who concern to our products can refer more information.

Laser cutting technology

Laser terminology

LASER stands for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation". The definition of "LASER" here is written in the application of lasers in material processing - this is also the most advanced material processing technology today. By extension, the laser has a wide range of applications in science, military technology, telecommunications, measurement, health, and so on because of its unique characteristics.

LASER is the amplification of light by stimulated emission. And laser radiation is generated from the laser power supply. Two sets of laser sources currently in common use are crystal lasers and gas lasers. Laser or gas crystals are placed between two mirrors to allow resonance and laser beam orientation. A defined ratio of a laser beam is transmitted through a semi-circular reflector, which is used to process materials.

Characteristics of a laser beam

The laser beam has high uniformity and isotropic. So by focusing lens, the laser beam with very high energy can melt or evaporate the material. In addition to the proper use of optical systems (mirrors, lenses), lasers can be projected or reflected without loss of energy even at large distances. Depending on the moving mirror system, it is used to run an XY plotter platform, scan galvo beam or optical fibre combination to control with a robot that forms a laser system.

Each type of laser has different uses

Each type of laser has its advantages and ability to work on different materials. Common types of lasers are CO2 gas lasers and crystal lasers, fibre lasers. These lasers are economical and durable. CO2 lasers are particularly suitable for etching and cutting nonmetals. While crystal lasers, fibres are mainly used for marking, engraving or cutting on metals.

Metal cutting machine using laser

Most CNC laser cutting machines on the market today use CO2 lasers or fibre lasers with the same principle.

The basic principle of laser cutting can be summarized as follows:

  • A high-energy beam produced by the laser generator will be focused on the workpiece surface thanks to the lens system.
  • This beam heats the material and generates a section of local molten material, usually smaller than 0.5mm in diameter.
  • The molten material is pushed out of the work zone by a high-pressure stream and coaxial with the laser beam. For some materials, this gas flow accelerates the cutting process by chemical and physical action.
  • The local melted material area which is moved along the technicality surface following an orbit then produces a cut. This motion is accomplished by moving the focused laser beam through the CNC mirror system or the two-way X-Y material plate mechanical movement on the CNC machine table. Some machines designed with both types of movements that the laser beam is moved in one direction and the workpiece is moved in the other. Fully automated systems allow 3D shapes to be cut.


Lasers can cut a wide range of materials, almost commercial laser cutting systems are now made with metal. Laser metal cutting requires a high-energy-density laser beam to transfer energy into the cutting zone faster than the heat transferred. Along with that, the support gas flow will push molten metal out of the cutting zone. Carbon steel is the most easily cut metal material by a laser. Low alloy steel types such as AISI 4140, 8620, ... have cutting conditions similar to carbon steel. The content of alloy in steel increases, the cutting process becomes more difficult. For steel with a high content of tungsten, the cutting speed on it is very slow and cutting slag is available.

Aluminium is difficult to cut by lasers because aluminium reflects a large amount of laser also the amount of heat transferred into the workpiece is large and fast. If the laser focus is adjusted incorrectly, the beam may be reflected in the spray system, causing damage to the optical components. Whereas pure copper is more difficult to process than aluminium. Copper alloys have similar reactions to aluminium. Co-board base alloys have very high hardness, high heat resistance and good abrasion resistance. Though, they are easy to cut with lasers. Still, it is necessary to consider microscopic cracks generated on the surface of the details when a laser is cut.

Note list to buy a CNC laser cutting machine for metal processing

When there is a need to buy a cnc laser cutting machine, there are many questions that are put in your mind. Should I buy a cnc laser cutting machine? Should I buy it for better cutting quality and economic efficiency ?, CO2 laser cutting machine or better fiber laser cutting machine? So below is the answer to your questions so you can rest assured to choose a quality and efficient cnc laser cutting machine. Here are the comparisons of metal cutting machines that are currently popular in the market.

Comparison of CNC laser cutting machines and CNC plasma cutting machines

Machine price: CNC laser cutting machine has a higher investment cost than a CNC plasma cutting machine. However, consider other factors below so that you can understand and decide to buy a CNC laser cutting machine.

Cutting materials: CNC plasma cutting machines can cut all metals, including alloys with different melting points. Laser cutting machine can also cut most metals, which are high reflectivity. These kinds of metal are often processed by Fiber laser cutting machine instead of CO2 laser cutting machine. Cutting speed: The cutting speed of former CNC laser cutting machines is more limited than the plasma cutting machine. With the flow of the development process, the cutting speed of these two machines is equivalent.

Cutting quality: Cutting quality of CNC laser cutting machine is superior to that of CNC plasma cutting machine. Therefore, if you need precise and sophisticated cutting quality, you should use a CNC laser cutting machine.

Comparison between CO2 laser cutting machine and Fiber laser cutting machine.

Machine price: Laser cutting machine Fiber has a higher initial investment cost than CO2 laser cutting machine, but after about 2 years of operation, the machine cost and operation and maintenance costs of both machines are calculated equally each other due to higher operating and maintenance cost of CO2 laser cutting machine than Fiber laser cutting machine. Cutting material: CO2 laser cutting machine cuts most metals except materials with high reflectance such as brass, aluminium... Laser cutting machine Fiber can cut all metals.

Cutting speed: Cutting speed of laser cutting machine Fiber for metal plates below 5mm and materials with high reflectance is 3 times faster than CO2 laser cutting machine, and cutting line quality is also much better. So in the demand of cutting metal from 5mm or less, the Fiber laser cutting machine is an excellent choice. However, for the bigger thickness, the CO2 laser cutting machine is the better choice than the Fiber laser cutting machine because of its cutting quality and cutting speed. Still, Fiber laser cutting machine can likewise cut materials of high thickness.

Cutting quality: The cutting quality of 5mm-thin materials of Fiber laser cutting machines is superior to that of CO2 laser cutting machines, and the cutting line is almost perfect, very smooth. Nevertheless, at a high thickness, the CO2 cutter may be more suitable

Through this article, you must have understood more about cutting machines that are currently popular in the market and have identified to choose the best machine to invest. Ngoc Viet Manufacturing Trading Co., Ltd (Ngoc Viet CNC) would like to thank you for reading and interested in our companys products. Thank you!

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