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Comprehensive information about CNC Plasma Metal Cutting Machine

Plasma CNC metal cutting machine is the most widely used metalworking cutting machine in factories and mechanical factories. However, many businesses in Vietnam do not have a deep understanding of this model, so there have been mistakes such as:
  • Buy cheap Chinese machines but low-quality products, therefore after a time of using the machine gets damaged then it must be replaced by other machines. Besides, it waste a lot of money to repair the machine and upgrade them. In another word, it takes high operating costs.
  • Or there are businesses buy products with very high prices to ensure quality like US, Japanese and German machines...
  • Many people assumed that Vietnam could not produce these machines. Or if possible, Vietnamese machine quality cannot meet purchaser request.
Read on this article if you are having one of the mistakes we just mentioned above, or you want to learn more about CNC Plasma Metal Cutting Machine.

The first manufacturer of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine in Vietnam

With concerns, Vietnamese people can also create quality products that are not inferior to todays world-famous brands, Ngoc Viet Trading Production Company Limited is a pioneer in the field of research and production of all kinds of CNC Plasma cutting machines, CNC Laser cutting machines, Windpipe processing machines, Windpipe production lines in Vietnam. We feel proud when Vietnamese products have competitive quality with famous brand products in the world. Please follow the product of Ngoc Viet CNC at: OUR SHOP

Entire information about CNC Plasma Metal Cutting Machine

Below we provide you with all information about CNC Plasma cutting technology and CNC Plasma Cutting Machine. Stay tuned to learn more about this product.

Why CNC Plasma cutting technology was born?

CNC plasma cutting machine is the product of CNC plasma technology (CNC = Computer Numberic Controlled – computer controlled). Formerly, people used metal cutters to cut only the circles in the form of circles, ellipses, straight lines, curves. However, these cutters cannot support unusual pattern rules as an incidental curve, the kink line 2D and 3D space. The advent of CNC plasma technology has solved these mentioned problems. It can say that this is a new turning point in the automation industry.

Principle of operation of plasma cutting technology

CNC Plasma cutting machine uses the principle of plasma gas to carry out the metal cutting process. The principle of plasma cutting is the utilization of high temperature and flow speed when spraying from the nozzle of the plasma cutter head. The air will melt and push the metal out of the cutting slot. When adjusting the appropriate mode, the cutting edge will be flat and not grainy. It is necessary to reduce speed for creating perpendicular cut edges. The current, the type of gas used, the distance from the cutting head to the object, the cutting degree are factors that affect the quality of plasma cutting.

Plasma cutting system components

  • Energy supply system has the function of supplying electric energy that creates ionizing ability and control to produce quality cutting lines with high productivity from many different metals. DC power supply with voltage from 240 to 400 VDC. The main function of the power supply is to accurately provide energy for plasma arc maintenance after ionization.
  • The cutting head is used to hold consumable parts such as nozzles and electrodes. It provides coolant to these parts and maintains plasma rays. Plasma cutting heads are consumable parts that periodically replaced during use.
  • Arc starting circuit is the part that used to create an alternating current of 5000 to 10000V. Its frequency is very high at around 2 million HZ. This AC voltage is used to create an arc with very high intensity in the cutting head, to ionize the gas, thereby creating plasma.

The gas type used in plasma cutting machines

The gases used to make plasma are nitrogen, oxygen, compressed air, hydrogen, and argon. These gases ensure high-quality for cutting surfaces. Besides, they efficiently transfer heat into metal cutting objects so benefit long life for cutting parts. Furthermore, these gas support effective shaping for cutting arc and add cutting temperatures through exothermic reactions. It can say that using these gases are safety and economy. Nitrogen gas makes the cutting surface cleanest, suitable for non-ferrous metals. Atomic O2 gas helps improve energy transfer into the arc, for cutting objects through the separation-re-assembly mechanism. The compressed air is used to make the most plasma. To improve the cutting surface as well as increase the cutting speed, we can add water to the cutting mine.

Working procedure of a plasma cutting system

The power supply and circuit which start the arc are connected to the cutting head by the inner tubes and wires. The wires and tubes provide the appropriate air currents, electrical current and arc bait to the cutting heads to bait and maintain the cutting process. Step 1: Firstly, a start signal is sent to the power supply. The 280 VDC voltage starts to be activated, and the gas flow moves to the cutting head. The voltage is measured from the electrode to the nozzle. In specific, the nozzle connected to the anode of the source by a resistor and relay while the cutting material directly connected to the positive side of the power supply. The flow starts to go through the nozzle and exit to the environment. At this time, there is no ray of light emitted. The current also does not run through the DC source. This phase open circuit voltage. Step 2: The arc starts circuit works when the gas flow is stable. Arc start circuits generate voltages from 5000 - 10000 VAC along with a very high frequency. At this time, the spark will be launched between the electrode and the nozzle inside the cutting head. The gas flow constitutes plasma goes through before going out from this place. The transferred energy has turned from high-frequency sparks into the gas stream, causing it to become ionized and become electrically conductive. There is an electrical path between the electrode and the nozzle caused by the ionized gas flow. A result of this process is a plasma arc forming. The arc is pushed by the air stream through the hole of the nozzle to go out, forming a pilot arc. Step 3: As the nozzle gradually moves to the material, the plasma arc will strike the cutting material as the current to the positive side of the power supply. Unlike the nozzle connected to the anode, it is not limited by resistors. The power supply unit will recognize the current flowing when it goes through the cutting material. The arc starter kit will stop working, and the pilot relay open when current detected to flow through the cut material. Ionization currents are maintained with energy from the plasma arc of direct current. Step 4: Plasma arc has a very high temperature, so it melts the metal cutting material. It punctured the sheet, and the high-speed air stream blew away the molten material below the cut line. At this time, the cutting process starts, and the cutter begins to move into the stipulated cutting paths. Step 5: For a machine with the cutter mounted on a CNC plasma cutter, the controller of the CNC cutter will touch the signal from the plasma source, which indicates a plasma arc has been successfully established. At that time, the CNC cutting machine will move along the lines drawn on the drawing. The cutting head controller is also allowed to operate. The height controller automatically senses the distance and controls the height depending on the curvature of the cutting material, which ensures the height of the nozzle relative to the stable section as expected.

Advantages when using CNC plasma cutting machine

  • Automatic manufacturing process: its easier for users to load the software, and the machine will automatically run until the end of the process.
  • Safety: All cutting processes have been installed automatically on the computer. The operator does not need to monitor closely the machine as well the cutting material during process. This advantage not only helps businesses ensure labour safety but also helps reduce human resources.
  • Versatile: Able to cut many complexes cutting lines as well as complex structural materials. And can cut metal up to 6 inches thick.
  • Speed: This is the most significant advantage when we use a CNC plasma cutting machine. The reason is that plasma arc currents can start to erupt and drop immediately..
  • Accuracy: The perfect combination of software and plasma arc nozzles that creates almost absolute accuracy. The cutting line is always sharp and clean.
  • Quality: the cutting line is smooth, clean with little residue compared to conventional cutting machines. Create a very high-quality cutting line that satisfies machine users.
  • Manageable using: The structure of the CNC machine was thought complicated, but its easy to use. Just one worker can get excellent work quality.

Disadvantages of CNC plasma cutting machine

High cost: in order to own a CNC plasma cutter, you have to spend a considerable amount of money compared to conventional cutting machines. But with high production efficiency and saving a lot of human resources, along with the long-term benefits that it brings, the cost of a cutting machine of this type is not too high. Buying one is the right investment for the long-term development of your business. Easy to buy low-quality machines: On the market todays, there are a series of companies selling this kind of plasma cutting machine. If you are not consulted and carefully selected, you may buy low cost and low-quality machines. To buy a good cutting machine with reasonable price you can read the buying cutter notes as below. For direct advice, please contact us via the contact information of the company at the end of the website.

Application of CNC plasma cutting machine

CNC plasma cutting machines are widely used in workshops and mechanical processing plants, as follows:
  • Apply in machine manufacturing and manufacturing of mechanical tools.
  • Apply in manufacturing household appliances such as stainless steel kitchen utensils.
  • Apply in manufacturing equipment related to advertising and signage.
  • Apply in manufacturing windpipes for HVAC systems
  • Application in the field of repairing and building new ships.
  • Apply in manufacturing all kinds of industrial electrical cabinets.
  • Apply in manufacturing heavy industrial machines.
  • Apply in manufacturing transformers in the electricity industry.
  • Apply in the manufacture of interior decoration products.
  • Apply in the production of artistic and artistic design products.

Instructions for purchasing CNC plasma cutting machine

When buying CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, customers need to know some following notes: 1st Note: A good cutting machine must have a maximum speed of more than 10,000mm / min. This speed is not guaranteed, the quality of the cutting line will not meet the requirements, moreover, sometimes distorting the chopped details due to prolonged heating when the cutting head moves slowly. Besides affecting the quality of the cutting line, it also affects the productivity of your business when the cutting speed is too slow. 2nd Note: Industrial computers must be used to control, avoid using regular computers. Most businesses in the world control this type of cutter by computer. However, professional manufacturers will always choose industrial computers, never be conventional computers. Industrial computers are specially designed to work in industrial production environments. With a dusty environment, low temperature and high instability, high humidity, prone to interference and vibration due to vibration and so on only industrial computers can afford to use and operate permanently. 3rd note: Note that the drive motors for X, Y, and Z axes must use a new Servo motor to ensure accuracy, not a stepper motor. What are the differences between these two engines? You can learn through the following different points comparison:
Stepper motor Servo môtr
Low accuracy High precision
A loss of steps occurs when there are obstacles or heavy loads. This problem can make the material cut incorrectly, but the operator cannot know. The engine automatically boosts power to overcome barriers. The generator will stop and report an error to the system if the obstruction is too large. This function ensures the cutting object does not suffer from errors.
Lower price Prices are 3 - 4 times higher than step motors.
Therefore, its advisable to choose the CNC plasma cutting machine using a servo motor to ensure the quality. 4th Note: It is necessary to choose a cutter with an automatic height control system. As you know, the cutting material can be undulating rather than completely flat. Accordingly, the automatic height controller will control the cutter head automatically according to the warping of the material. It does not only leave poor cutting quality when the system is not equipped but it also capable damage the plasma cutter head. For CNC plasma cutting machines equipped with Gas-Oxygen cutting heads, there is an automatic ignition and cutting height controller with a capacitive sensor. 5th Note: Anti-fracture plasma cutter device is very necessary to equip the machine. Usually, the manufacturer does not guarantee that the plasma cutter breaks during use. But during the plasma cutting process, the new cutting parts can be raised. If the cutting head moves and collides these raised part, it may be broken. The cutting torch will not be broken because it is protected from collision from any direction if anti-fracture plasma cutter device equipped. 6th Note: Must choose a table with a water tank to eliminate dust while cutting as well reduce smoke generated by plasma rays. Otherwise, it will affect the operator of the machine. 7th Note: The interface between the computer and the devices on the CNC plasma cutting machine is also extremely important but little known. Existing professional CNC controller manufacturers such as Hypertherm, Burny, Koike, Fanuc, etc. all communicate with PCI cards. However, there is another cost-effective control solution that uses the printer port available on computers to control CNC plasma cutting machines. But those who offered this solution also advised against using it for manufacturing machines, because of its instability and durability. Because the printer port is only designed to communicate with printers only. But in fact, many manufacturers sale machines using the printer port to control CNC plasma cutting machines, and burke this issue. Printer ports are also being replaced by gateways more compact. If users buy machines that gateway using the printer port, will it be convenient to repair and maintain for a few years? Even at that time, the business could not find a computer containing the printer port. 8th Note: Youll get what you pay for is always true since ancient times. Dont pay too much attention to the price and then purchase a cheap CNC plasma cutter from a manufacturer. Just carefully consider if it contains all the mentioned features above. Consider the origin of the device first and then its price. It doesnt make any sense if you buy a CNC machine with a lower price than other products of the same type but lacks some important features. And most poor machine parts are from China. With our experience, we ensure that the operating and maintenance costs for these parts are higher than the purchasing price. Moreover, the possibility of malfunction these defective machine parts will be much higher. Above is all we want to show you about the CNC plasma cutting machine (CNC plasma cutting machine). We hope the article has helped you understand some of these new automation technology.  

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