Autoline II automatic wind pipe production line


General characteristics and performance of the device

Autoline II - Máy làm ống gió tự động

Autoline III automatic rectangular windpipe production line (Autoline III automatic rectangular windpipe production machine) is one of the research achievements of Ngoc Viet Manufacturing and Trading Co., Ltd. we are proud of being a production enterprise who export and trade the first automatic windpipe production line in Vietnam.

Autoline III is a series of specialized machines in windpipe production, including systems of features: system of tole pulling, tole straightening, ribbed compacting, angle cutting, sheet cutting-off and folding system. All systems are advanced by us for simply operating, fully automated, which provide stable production performance, high accuracy in product size and especially maximum savings human resources.

Autoline III is manufactured using the most advanced technology with a hydraulic cutter system which made from hardened and polished SKD steel. This material purpose on achieving absolute hardness, durability and precision. Mitsubishi PLC controller, which is the central controller for the head of the chain, is supplied by the leading manufacturer in Japan.

The tole support is designed with high tensile steel, ensuring the steel coil is fixed and minimizes unintended incidents, each with a lifting capacity of 5000kg.

Autoline III works at a maximum speed of 15m / min. Tolerance for length is ± 0.5mm, tolerance for diagonal is ± 0.8mm.

Structure and workflow.

Autoline II - Sơ đồ dây chuyền

1.The tole support.

Tole support coils always fix the rolls of material during the roll-off process, designed to facilitate the adjustment of the size of different materials. The material fixing system made of SDK steel which is tempered and heat treated to create durability and stability; This system includes 4 rolls; each roll has a capacity of 5000kg. The tole support is equipped with a 1100W PARMA Motor, a speed reducer, an electronic control system, which helps to identify the roll releasing or roll coilingIt. The sheet metal surface has a very good protective effect to avoid the damage of the burring phenomenon.

2. Main machine (Autoline III)

Autoline III includes a frame, straightened, ribbed, angled and cutting-off system.

The straightening system, which is designed according to the structure of modern straightening technique, work through 3 rolo straightening. The network is made from tempered SDK steel, heat treatment, electroplating and other technical processes. It has good surface characteristics, hardness, deflection, surface roughness and other mechanical properties. These features are greatly improved, which has an important role in the flatness of the surface from one rolo to another.

The ribbed rolling system, which located behind the straightening system, can be freely adjusted according to the width of the material. It is very convenient for changing the mould below, which is necessary to create different angles and shapes just by changing the cutting table below. The hydraulic compression system function as the power supply.

After the ribbed system has completed, the material will go through the corner cutting system to run flanges and fold.

After being cut to the angle, the sheet material is moved to set the length, clamped back and cut to the pre-set size. The cutter is made of hardened SDK and heat-treated steel, which benefit the life of the device. Moreover, the device will work efficiently, therefore achieve the highest accuracy. Plus, the cutting is carried out automatically by the hydraulic cutting system.


SeriesAutomatic rectangular wind pipe production line
ModelAutoline II
Demension3250 x 2040 x 1510 (mm)
Weight4000 kg
Working speed<= 15m / min
Material thickness0.6 – 1.2 (mm)
Material width1200 mm
LengthTolerance± 0.5 mm
Diagonal tolerance± 0.8 mm
Angle tolerance± 0.5­­­o
CutterHard and polished SKD steel
Oil pumpTaiwan
Servo driveYaskawa JAPAN
Servo motorYaskawa JAPAN
Touch controling screenMitsubishi JAPAN
PLCMitsubishi JAPAN
TransformerVietnamese Copper Wire
Intermediate relayKorea



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