CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Ngoc Viet LNV-2C

CNC Laser Cutting Machine is the product of the most advanced cutting technology nowadays. This machine is designed with beautiful appearance and best features of Laser cutting technology. With cutting speed much faster than Plasma cutting technology and more enhanced cutting lines, CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is suitable for processing small metal plates. If there is a need to cut large thickness materials, it is recommended to choose CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.


Outstanding features of CNC Laser Fiber


  • Great speed

High performance laser source and stable operation system make the best cutting effect

Automatically select coordinates to increase the cutting time

  • Stable performance

Sturdy welded beams make the machine with high rigidity, stable operation, good vibration resistance, support to create products with high accuracy

  • Exact operation

Drive gear, Tilt bar, servo motor and gearbox, high speed and precision.

The machine has an absolutely accurate automatic height change system, which does not affect the length and support it the most accurate cutting quality.

  • Saving materials

The CAD / CAM specialized software can automatically arranges the design before cutting to help maximize the material.

  • Perfect utility

It is possible to control the cutting process and monitor the remote cutting process by the intranet system.

The machine has the perfect cooling, lubricating and anti-dust removal system that can help the machine operate efficiently, stably and sustainably.

Structure of Ngoc Viet Fiber Laser CNC machine

Size: 1500 * 3000 meters
Cutting speed: 50 m / min
Supported formats: AI, BMP, DST, DWG, DXF, DXP, LAS, PLT
Software: Cypcut Laser Source: 300w to 10,000w
Laser cutting head: Cyplite / Precitec / Lasermech (Optional)
Servo motor: YASKAWA Japan
Input power: 3 phase AC 380v 50hz
Warranty period: 2 years


Machine are widely used in advertising billboards, decorative pattern cutting on steel plates, manufacturing electric boxes Hv / lv, textile machinery parts, kitchen appliances, cars, machinery, elevators , electrical equipment, rolling springs, subway line spare parts, … in industries

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