CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Main function

The machine has a gantry structure with many cylindrical legs, a rigidly moulded beam that benefits the machine with high rigidity, stable operation, and shock resistance.

The high-performance laser source and stable operating system make the best cutting effect.

The machine has a cooling system, lubrication system and perfect dust removal system, which avail the machine to efficiently, stably and sustainably operate without being affected by the above factors.

The machine has an automatic height adjusting system which is thoroughly accurate without affecting the length. Therefore machine able to perform it the most exact cutting quality.

With dedicated CAD / CAM automatic programming software which automatically arranges drawings at max conserve of the materials..

It is possible to control and monitor the cutting process remotely upon the Ethernet network system.

hình ảnh máy cắt laser cnc

Wireless controller with WIFI

For the best and fastest care, we integrate WIFI functionality so that our technicians can troubleshoot and instruct remote users.

Check the laser power supply to analyze the problem.

Check the specifications to reset the new parameters accordingly.

Laser cutting head from Switzerland

Optimized optical configuration benefit airflow centralizing become more efficient, smooth and flexible. Range adjustment 20mm, accuracy 0.05mm.

The vertical mirror tip benefits adjusting of safety glasses faster and easier.
Collimated lenses and focal lenses are combined from multiple lenses to create the optimal optical compound for best cutting performance.

Deceleration motor from France

Edge gear slits: <= 3 arcmin.: <= 3 arcmin.

Standard operating temperature is: -15 °C – 45 °C.

The standard index enclosure protection IP 65.

Schneider servo motor from France

Using SoMove setup software: This software can make loop control, optimization, and maintenance configurations for Lexium Easy 26 servo drives in automatic or manual mode with the same vibrating function. like others.

Schneider Electric drives: Equipped with SoMove software to easily install and adjust circuit boards and protect coatings, improve reliability in contaminated environments.

Schneider electronic components from France

Short circuit protection circuitry.

Overload protection circuitry.

Exit and disconnect industry according to IEC / EN 60947-2 standard.


Performance at a high margin.

To close quickly independent from conversion implementers.

Compressor equipment from SMC Japanese brand

Continuous control of air pressure is directly proportional to the electric signal.

Connecting technical details.

Compact (Suitable connecting parts).

Ball bearings from NSK Japanese brand

The tyre with square rims can be easily attached to the machine with 4 bolts. This type of bearing is widely used because of its convenience.

Laser source

Wavelength: 1070 ~ 1090 nm

Beam quality TEM00 (M2 <1.8)

Forced air flow / Cooling water.

The life cycle of diot is over 100,000 hours

Automatic lubrication system

Electric lubrication device is a type of gear pump with logical structure, excellent performance and full functions.

Controlled by a computer system, which is possible to check the liquid level in the oil reservoir, the oil load pressure and set the lubrication cycles.

Perfect for preventing rust that supports work precisely.

Laser cutting system

The Cpycut is an excellent laser cutting control system. This system handles most of the requirement of laser cutting technology: specifications adjusting, cutting lines arranging and adjusting, output and input calculating, 2 sections connecting, co-edge, balance, polishing, separation, coordination and automatic sorting. If pierce holes, the height and speed are changed compared to the original state. If the speed changes, the power supply can be adjusted automatically.


The machine is widely used in advertising billboards, decorative pattern cutting on steel plates, electric boxes Hv / lv manufacturing, textile machinery parts, kitchen appliances, cars, machinery, elevators, electrical equipment, rolling springs, subway line spare parts, etc. in industries.


Model: 1530 (Optional)

Working area: 1500 x 3000 mm (On request)

Laser source 500W / 700W / 800W / 1000W / 1500W / 2000W / 3000W

Movement speed: 100m / min

Cutting speed: 35m / min

Positioning accuracy: 0.03mm

Repositioning exactly: 0.02mm

The smallest cutting line: 0.1mm



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