CNC Plasma Cutting Machine NV-12000C


Máy cắt plasma cnc NV12000C


Plasma NV12000C CNC cutting machine is known for its perfect structure, and light operation. The quality of the cutting line is clear, sharp, accurate that not all cutting machines achieve such prime quality. That is why Ngoc Viet is always the first choice of enterprises, in the Vietnamese mechanical industry.

  • Repeatability tolerance is around 0.01 to 0.1 mm.
  • Be displayed with friendly icons.
  • Increasing or decreasing the ratio are easy..
  • Have image feedback.
  • There is a memory for plate workpieces.
  • Automatically adjust cutting acceleration.
  • Cutting speed has been set separately with different cutting orbits.
  • There are rotary encoder and cutting position information feedback.
  • The device turns off safe electromagnetic sensors, emergency stop button equipped as standard.
  • The quality is in very high precision which achieves on the entire thickness of the cutting material design.
  • Japan cutting head and the cutting unit works by the beaks of the adjustable cylinder move up and down.
  • AC servo and rotary encoder, motor brings the cutting torch to the correct cutting position.
  • Private wings benefit cleansing, organising and cutting that is stainless, which limit dust under metal sheets.
  • The set of developing windpipes is plentiful.
  • There are fitting sets displayed in 3-D and the used fitting set also be stored there.
  • Welded steel pipe framework is especially rigid and stable.
  • There are x-axis line and linear bearings.
  • The serrated guide sieve is polished, grounded and hardened with a 40mm diameter.
  • Other parts made in high quality and work sustainably.


NV 12000C is the benchmark for a compact CNC plasma cutting system. With product quality, high accuracy and outstanding performance, NV12000C is the choice for any business that needs to use.

Modern cutter

The cutting torch is designed by advanced technology, with the intelligent Z axis, always keeping a fixed distance with the surface of the material, even if the sheet is bent, the cutting line is still uniform.

Control system

Control the NV12000C plasma cutter very simply and conveniently, the computer system with a simple but flexible interface and multi-tasking.

  • Screen: 10.4 inches 800 * 480, high resolution with 16 million colours.
  • LCD brightness
  • Internal memory: 64MB SDRAM
  • Program space for users: 256M electronic hard disk.
  • Master frequency system: 400MHz
  • USB communication port, at least 16GB U disk can be supported
  • Keyboard: Electronic keyboard PCB foil
  • Protection frame: a closed steel structure and electrostatic paint to avoid interference from electromagnetic radiation.

Moving system

The moving system is sophisticatedly designed, with the gear belt active, moving quickly, gently moving in the right way, stopping in the wrong place without a millimetre deviation.

Dedicated design

All engine and wire parts are fully protected. Do not allow contact with dirt and add air intake system behind the machine.


NV12000C is a standard plasma cutting machine with compact size and low price. Not merely a machine, it is a work of elegant design. Therefore, owning CNC Plasma Cutting Machine NV12000C is a competitive advantage of your business.

Dimension2400 x 3600 x 1250 (mm)
Standard cutting range1500 x 3000 mm
X-axis motor0.4kw AC Servomotor + Drive (Yaskawa Japan)
Y-axis motor0.2kw AC Servomotor+Driver (Yaskawa Japan)
head cutter speed12.000÷15.000mm/min
power supply(380V, 3Phase, 50Hz )/220V ± 5%, 1 phase, 50Hz, 1,2kW
Power supply for plasma source380V, 3Phase, 50Hz
Body Structure of X-axis and Y-axis with embryonic table
X axisAs 01 horizontal axis guided by Japanese ball bearings 30mm width, moving by inner tooth belt with a steel core.
Y axisThe machine includes 2 bars along the body. One side is guided by a 40mm circular sliding slide axis and is driven by the inner gear belt with a steel core. While the other side slide following the guide bearings.
Configuration of control cabinet Core i3 GHz CPU, 4G Ram, 128G SSD, AC Servo driver board, 10.5-inch touch screen + AC Servodrive Yaskawa board, electrical cabinet components …



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