Plasma CNC cutting machine NOVI 5000B


NOVI 5000B CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is known for its perfect structure and light operation. The quality of the cutting line is clear, sharp, accurate; it works in a very simple way which not many cutting devices achieve such a state. That is why Ngoc Viet is always the first choice of enterprises, in the Vietnamese mechanical industry.

Superior features

Những tính năng máy cắt plasma cnc

Repeatability tolerance around 0.01 to 0.1 mm.With a pair of adjustable cylinders, it moves up and down.
Friendly iconsAC servo and rotary encoder, motor brings the cutting torch to the correct cutting position.
Easily increase or decrease the ratio.Individual wings for cleaning, arranging and cutting stainless to limit dust under metal sheets.
Image feedback.The set of developing wind pipes is plentiful
There is a memory for plate workpieces.There are fitting sets displayed in 3-D and storage previously applied.
Adjust automatic cutting acceleration.Welded steel pipe framework has special rigidity and stability.
Cutting speed has been set separately with different cutting orbits.Line and x-axis linear bearings.
Rotary encoder and cutting position information feedback.The serrated guide sieve is polished.
The device turns off safe electromagnetic sensors, emergency stop button equipped as standard.grounded and hardened with a 40mm diameter.
The very high quality and precision cutting can achieve on the entire thickness of the material type.Other parts that make high quality work sustainably.
Japanese cutting head and cutting unit.

NOVI 5000B CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is a standard plasma cutting instrument with compact size and low price. Not merely a machine, it is a work of artistic design. Hence, owning NOVI 5000B CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is a competitive advantage of your business.

CNC automation plasma cutting machine.

Durability and stability.

The engine is formed from thick steel frames with integrity composition. We spend to design the machine with a high cost to be confident that: ” There is no CNC Plasma Cutting Machine in Vietnam today can compete with NOVI 5000B for power ”. Many manufacturers suppose that it is fine to use thin steel than proper and thick steel to make the device body. However, using the mentioned good materials support the cutting machine to be able to operate the most stable. As a result, equipment will extend using time as well as recreate the machine.

Technology and creativity

NOVI 5000B applies advanced technology in the operation of twisting and pulling of belts. The special that belt used in NOVI 5000B is not the same as Chinese products or other manufacturers in Vietnam. Whereby, there are 24 steel wires in 2 premium rubber layers that allow the belt to pull up to 1350 pounds without bending or stretching, which benefit it possible to operate in the most smooth and accurate way.

Power and accuracy

The main point and advantages of NOVI 5000B CNC plasma cutting machine are the use of AC Servo dynamics. The Y-axis of the engine fitted with a long steel beam that travels horizontally along with the cutting table and is pulled by the belting system. This ensures the regularity, precision and flexibility of the cutting torch. Plasma NOVI 5000B CNC cutting machine using a cutter with the latest technology can cut ordinary materials up to 20mm thick, and speed 8m / min, leaving sharp cuts and accurate to mm as planned from the control system. So owning NOVI 5000B plasma cutting machine will significantly increase productivity and save a lot of effort.

Modern software and features

The software is upgraded to improve and add many new features and modern designed interface on Microsoft Window 7. Computer control has a higher configuration than other manufacturers with core i3 GHz CPU, 4G Ram, 128G SSD, AC Servo driver board, 17inch touch screen, electric cabinet components … designed specifically. It is easy to clean and arrange, prevent rust and dirt.

All of these upgrades make it easy and comfortable for the operator to operate the machine to increase efficiency, helping to increase productivity for your business.


NOVI 500B là chuẩn mực cho một hệ thống cắt plasma cnc nhỏ gọn. Với chất lượng sản phẩm, độ chính xác cao và hiệu suất làm việc vượt trội, NOVI 5000B là sự lựa chọn cho bất kì doanh nghiệp nào có nhu cầu sử dụng.

Máy cắt Plasma CNC giá rẻ

Phạm vi cắt tiêu chuẩn1500 x 3000 mm
Motor trục X0.4kw AC Servomotor + Drive (Yaskawa Japan)
Motor trục Y0.2kw AC Servomotor+Driver (Yaskawa Japan)
Tốc độ di chuyển
Tốc độ đầu cắt12.000÷15.000mm/phút
Kích thước máy2150 x 3550 x 1100 (mm)
Nguồn cung cấp cho máy(380V, 3Pha, 50Hz )/220V ± 5%, 1 pha, 50Hz, 1kW
Nguồn cung cấp cho bộ nguồn plasma380V, 3Pha, 50Hz
Thân máyKết cấu dạng trục X, Y dính với bàn máy phôi
Trục XLà 01 trục nằm ngang dẫn hướng bằng thanh trượt bi của Nhật bề rộng 30mm, chuyển động bằng dây đai răng bên trong có lõi thép.
Trục YGồm 2 thanh dọc theo thân máy. Một bên dẫn hướng bằng trục trượt tròn đường kình 40mm, truyền động bằng dây đai răng bên trong có loải thép. Bên còn lại, trượt theo bằng các vòng bi dẫn hướng.
Cấu hình tủ điều khiểnCPU core i3 GHz, Ram 4G, ssd 128G, bo mạch AC Servo driver, màn hình 17 inch cảm ứng +Bo mạch AC Servodrive Yaskawa , … linh kiện tủ điện …



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