Plasma CNC cutting machine V4


Full image of the body of CNC plasma cutting machine V4 produced by Ngoc Viet CNC

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Useful cutting size: 2000 x 3000mm

No-load speed: 12,000-15,000 mm / min

Plasma cutting speed: 500 – 12,000 mm / min (Depending on thickness and plasma power capacity)

Cutting speed Oxygen Gas: 100 – 1000mm / minute

Accuracy: ≤ ± 0.1mm (Not including errors due to thermal deformation)

Machine size (RxDxC): 3000 x 6900 x 1500 (mm)

Power supply for CNC machines: 220V ± 10%, 1 phase, 50 ± 1 Hz, 20A.

Power supply for Plasma: 380V ± 10%, 3 phases, 50 ± 1 Hz, 30 – 80A. (Depends on plasma machine capacity)

Pneumatic source: 400 liters / minute, 7 bar (Depend on plasma source).

The number of plasma cutter installed: 01 cutter.

The number of oxygen gas cutter installed: 01 – 06 cutter.

Number of the cutter to be marked installed: 01 cutter

Transmission method: 3 axes X, Y, Z

Central processor: Industrial computer set, Advantech industrial motherboard, 17 “touch screen, Intel® Core ™ i3 CPU, 4G RAM, 120G SSD.


Outstanding feature

Driving in fast movement and high precision are proceed with gear wheels, gear bar and servo motor.

Industrial computers used for durability and high stability.

The computerized control system has high flexibility, which easily
incorporate w with CAD / CAM production programs.

The professional CNC control program interface from the US with Ngoc Viet CNC’s redesign is very easy to use.

There is a sensor system (THC) that controls the cutting head height against the metal plate surface. It benefits automatically maintaining the height of the cutting torch stable even if the sheet metal is bent or warped. Besides, it ensures smooth, beautiful cutting lines and enhanced cutting life.

Can diagnose, repair the system or train remotely via the internet (Internet connection required).

The bonus with the CAM software section to transfer drawings from CAD programs (such as Autocad / Corel) into G-code language for CNC systems that operate automatically.

Remote control

Central processor: Industrial computer set, Advantech industrial mainboard, 17 “touch screen, Intel® Core ™ i3 CPU, 4G RAM, 120G SSD.

Standard controls USB or Ethernet controller connection are more superior than many old PCI ports. Standard USB or Ethernet control with very high pulse frequency benefit the machine to run quickly and quietly. Besides, it promotes the process of cutting in a shorter time while creating outstanding productivity..

Mainboard controls CNC machines.

The automatic height control system of Plasma cutting head: produced by Ngoc Viet CNC.

The CNC control program with G-code command, which has a license bought from the US (License to, has been developed by Ngoc Viet CNC with a suitable interface for users.

Functions are upgraded by Ngoc Viet CNC

Automatic workpiece adjustment function: it is no need to align the workpiece plate on the table. Just move the cutter to 2 points along the edge of the workpiece, the system will automatically measure the tilt angle and then rotate drawing according to the tilt of the workpiece plate.

There is a button to quickly re-open previous drawings.

To change the cutting nozzle, press the button to remember the current position.

When the user would like to shut down the machine or to prioritize another command without losing data, press the Pause Job button, all parameters such as the coordinates, file name, and the current command will be saved accordingly.

Function Continuing to cut the unfinished file has pressed the previous Pause Job button: When clicking Continue Job button, the file has not been finished cut will open automatically. Next, the user just presses to continuously run the command without having to re-enter coordinates or adjust the position of the cutting torch. It can say that this function is helpful in saving time and avoiding mistakes which damage the workpiece.

The lazycam program, which allows users to convert drawing files in DXF format (Draw with Autocad, Corel or equivalent) to the G-code program automatically, is licensed product bought from the US.

Besides, anti-broken set of plasma cutting torch produced by Ngoc Viet CNC.

CNC system rack

Mechanical part: Including 3 axes X, Y, Z

The x-axis is 01 horizontal axis guided by TBI (Taiwan) slider, driven by gear and gear bar.

The Y-axis consists of 2 bars along the body. One side guide with ball slide TBI, Taiwan, driven by gear and gear bar. The other side follows with the guide wheels. The Y-axis uses 2 servo motors on both sides, which ensure smooth operation and no vibration when reversing.

Z axis is a vertical lead screw, used to mount Plasma cutting heads and Oxygen Gas.

X-axis motor: 200W servo motor + deceleration Y-axis motor: 400W servo motor + deceleration

Yaskawa / Omron or Sanyo Denki servo motors made in Japan.

Electrical part and Controller include:

Central processor: Industrial computer set, Advantech industrial motherboard, 17 “touch screen, Intel® Core ™ i3 CPU, 4G RAM, 120G SSD.

CNC control board with 64 inputs / 64 outputs of Japan.

The circuit board interacts with the computer produced by Ngoc Viet CNC Company.

The automatic height control system of Plasma cutting head: produced by Ngoc Viet CNC.

Besides, anti-broken set of plasma cutting torch.

Mach3 CNC control software of US.

Lazycam software to transfer drawings to CNC controllers.


The power cable is 15m long (4×2,5 mm2).

Gas wire for the gas cutting field of Oxygen gas (if the Gas cutter is installed) is 15m long.

01 Toolbox.

01 Set of manuals in Vietnamese.


01 Oxygen Gas Cutter with automatic ignition and height controller which can cut carbon steel thickness from 6 – 200mm.

2 Set of markers, used to draw marks on the surface of materials automatically according to drawings. 01 application used to draw welds or draw symbols on the surface of details before cutting out.


Standard cutting range1500 x 3000 mm
X-axis motor0.4kw AC Servomotor + Drive (Yaskawa Japan)
Y-axis motor0.2kw AC Servomotor+Driver (Yaskawa Japan)
Speed ​​of movement
Cutter speed12.000÷15.000mm/min
 machine size2150 x 3550 x 1100 (mm)
Power source(380V, 3 phase, 50Hz )/220V ± 5%, 1 phase, 50Hz, 1kW
Power supply for the plasma power source380V, 3Phase, 50Hz
Base unitStructure of X-axis and Y-axis with workpiece table
X-axis As 01 horizontal axis guided by Japanese slide pellets bar 30mm width, moving by inner gears belt with a steel core.
Y-axisIncluding 2 bars along the body. One side is guided by a 40mm circular sliding shaft, driven by inner gears belt with a steel core. The other side, slide with the guide bearings.
Configuration of control cabinetCore i3 GHz CPU, 4G RAM, 128G SSD, AC Servo driver board, 17-inch touch screen + AC Servodrive Yaskawa board, electrical cabinet components.



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