Manufacturing plant Auto Duct Line 5 V2019 with straight design


Our 2019 automatic wind tunnel production system  is designed to produce ventilation pipes by bending and cutting to the desired size. It support to produce ventilation pipes with many dimensions, therefore manufature can mimize using labor and time, improve profits. With a more 50% minimalist length design than the 2018 generation , it is very convenient to place in limited space factories. In addition, Auto Duct Line 5 version 2019 also has higher speed, with more sharp-cut line.

Production chain of Auto Duct Line 5 ventilation pipes manufactured in Vietnam

Customers have two option with straight design or U design to automatic production lines so that it the production suitable to the actual situation of the factory

Images of wind tunnel processing of auto duct line 5 machines

Practical processing via video in our factory

Full set of AutoLine V machine

Controller of wind pipe production machine

Ventilation pipes products

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