he first production line of Auto Duct Line 5 STRAIGHT in Vietnam


Our automatic windpipe processing machines are designed to produce ventilation pipes by bending and cutting to the desired size, which produces ventilation pipes with many dimensions and minimizes labour, time and improves profits. Thanks to this feature, the machine can perform quickly and accurately and cost-effectively with fewer employees. Our windpipe production line prevents material waste and saves material almost up to 20%. These production conditions will allow you to make a profit in a short time, hence wide your market with guaranteed goods.

Production line of auto duct line 5 ventilation pipes made in Vietnam.

Customers can choose automatic production lines of U-Type or Straight-Type design to depend on the actual situation of the factory.

Hình Photos of windpipe processing machines auto duct line 5.

Actual video of our products

Overview of Auto-Line V machine

The controller of the windpipe production machine

Products of ventilation pipes


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