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How to choose the best power supply for CNC cutting machine

Ngoc Viet CNC is a pioneer in the field of research and production of CNC plasma cutting machines, windpipe processing machines, CNC laser cutting machines, also the first windpipe production enterprise in Vietnam. With the guideline: product quality creates a brand, following the technology step by step with the famous manufacturers in the world; best of all, we want to offer high-quality CNC plasma cutting machines, CNC laser cutting machines, high-quality wind pipelines for businesses in Vietnam. Our company always prioritizes the equipment manufactured from Japan and the US to ensure the product works best. When choosing a CNC plasma cutting machine for businesses, many people have wondered how to choose the source to match the current production demands as well as the quality and reasonable price. In this article, we will focus on the topic: "How to choose power supplies for CNC plasma cutting machines."

Select power supply for CNC plasma cutting machine

There are many types of power supplies manufactured from different suppliers on the market. In general, there are numerous kinds of products in quality and price, as well as operating costs. The most prominent is the products of manufacturers such as China, Taiwan, Japan, Italy, America, etc. So, if you do not understand the nature of these types of sources, it is difficult to choose right. We will present some advantages and disadvantages of the above manufacturers power sources to customers have more information for easily purchasing the most suitable products. The first is Chinas source: Currently, Chinese goods have been imported into Vietnam a lot, even if the volume of products consumed in the country today, Chinese products make up a relatively large market share. However, after using for a time, the purchasers discover although the initial investment price is much lower than other firms, if used for about 1 to 2 years, the maintenance cost for user fees, even if changing the whole system is calculated much higher. Moreover, when the quality of the source is not guaranteed, the products created are also greatly affected. The second is Koreas source: Koreas resources rated higher than Chinese sources. Nevertheless, after operating for around 2 years, Korean power supplies start quickly deteriorating or even may need replacing with the new source. The third is a Japanese source: Japanese products are always better quality. Japanese D-8000 power supplies work well for the first 3-5 years of use. It is advisable to choose D-12000 power supply (cutting line 120A) as a power source with long-term durability and stability. The fourth is Taiwans source: Hero is famous as the source of Taiwans, popularly Hero-90 (cutting line 90A). This series has a good life expectancy with little odd damage that achieves harmony between price and quality concern. With a reasonable budget, you can choose this source. The fifth is the source of America: America has two famous plasma source manufacturers, Hypertherm and Thermal Dynamics. Hypertherm power supplies cost 10 - 20% higher than Thermal Dynamics and are more popular in the market. Additionally, Hypertherm source is the best-rated power source if you want to invest in your CNC plasma cutting machine with the best power source. If your CNC plasma cutter is full of important automatic features, the price of installing Hypertherm plasma power supply is a perspicacious and long-term choice. Because Hypertherm plasma is extremely durable (production unit warranty for up to 3 years), over many years of plasma source repairing we have never had the opportunity to fix Hypertherms plasma source ever. When properly configured a Hypertherm cutting & electrode set is capable of cutting from 400 to 1000 meters on 10mm thick metal. As estimated, the cost of spare parts per meter to cut less than 5 cents.

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