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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]máy cắt plasma cnc nv 12000c First of all, Ngoc Viet CNC would like to thank our customers for visiting and interested in our CNC Plasma Cutting Machine product! If you are interested in products detail, please visit our product page on Product Page or watch product video on Video Page. There is one thing we need to emphasize before you continue reading this article: Ngoc Viet CNC is the first and No. 1 manufacturer of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine in Vietnam. In this article, our experts will give a thorough and profound analysis of CNC Plasma cutting technology and CNC Plasma Cutting products with the following specific contents:
  1. Introducing the first CNC plasma cutting machine manufacturer in Vietnam.
  2. How much is the CNC plasma cutting machine reasonable?
  3. Things to note when choosing to buy a CNC Plasma cutting machine.
  4. Plasma cutting mechanism.
  5. Principle of operation.
  6. How to choose the power supply for the machine.
  7. Application.

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Introducing the first CNC plasma cutting machine manufacturer in Vietnam.

Ngoc Viet Manufacturing Trading Co., Ltd. (Ngoc Viet CNC) is an enterprise that researches and manufactures automatic processing machines such as CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC laser cutting machine, windpipe processing machine, automatic windpipe production line. We always prioritize quality and put the most attentive customer care regime at first. Ngoc Viet CNC provides specialized CNC plasma cutting machines for needs such as windpipe cutting, capacitor cutting, fine art iron cutting, mechanical processing, thick steel cutting, thin steel cutting, stainless steel cutting, sheet cutting. , carbon steel cutting, and so on. Through years of manufacturing and trading on the market, we have found a very important thing that many businesses usually make a mistake when investing CNC plasma cutting machines in Vietnam:
  • Many businesses want to buy low-cost machines so they bought not high-quality Chinese products. However, after using for a short time, the machine breaks down while cutting lines are in poor quality. Because of high operating costs, finally, they must invest a new high-grade machine.
  • Many businesses confidently buy a product of Japan, the USA because of its quality. Although our product cost less than these brand machines many times, quality is completely equivalent or even more improving outstanding features.
  • Many businesses have chosen engagement once they know us after they had bought imported products or products from other manufacturers.
  • As a manufacturer, we have mastered the technology while the machine dealers they only sell and when they have a problem. They have to contact the manufacturer from abroad that lead to waste the troubleshooting time long.
About CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, we have the following product lines:

How much is the CNC plasma cutting machine reasonable?

When buying a CNC Plasma Cutter, you should not just look at the price and design to decide to buy the machine. Otherwise, when using the machine, you may completely dissatisfy with the chosen cutting machine. Even worse, you need to buy a new one instead because the purchased machine does not work well or does not fit your business needs. We do not have a price list in public because we listen to what our customers need first. A CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is a machine system not as simple as a cup. When a component in it changes, it affects both product quality and cutting quality and at the same times its cost. Of course, no one wants to use a poor quality product that affects not only longevity, performance but also safety in use or peoples lives. However, business is a competition and it all depends on economic issues. That why many companies still take risk to buy cheap equipment, even unknown sources origin product. Ngoc Viet CNCs top priority is quality products with the main equipment of machines imported from the US, Japan, France - countries with developed and credible industries in the market. However, if the enterprise requires products with cheaper prices that satisfied their capital, we are also meet them with pieces of equipment imported from Taiwan or even from China. Ngoc Viets products always have a beautiful, solid and closed design, which supports the machine to operate stably and have a long life. We always produce to ensure safety with the frame made from the thick metal plate, not as thin as other low-cost products. We make sure our machine operates sustainably, which supports efficiency and high accuracy performance.

Noted points when choosing to buy a CNC Plasma cutting machine.

Here is the information that a business person who wants to invest in CNC Plasma Cutter needs to pay attention to choose the product suitable for your needs and achieve the highest efficiency.

Your business demands

We usually sell CNC NOVI 5000B Plasma Cutting Machine and CNC NOVI 5000F Plasma Cutting Machine for windpipe cutting enterprises, or businesses that need cutting art iron, cutting iron doors, cutting decorative patterns, etc. that material thickness is not large. So if our products are among your concern, please contact us immediately for advice on this product as well as its cost. CNC Plasma Cutting Machine V4 is frequently used by businesses in processing large-thickness materials ordered. The machine can correspond to various types of cutting nozzle such as plasma cutting, gas cutting, stone cutting, etc. To find out about this product, call immediately to HOTLINE: 0934 888 080.

Movement speed of the cutting head

The cutting head movement speed - usually mentioned in plasma cutting techniques- is the no-load moving state of Plasma cutting heads. That is a very important factor in CNC Plasma Cutting. The speed must reach from 10,000mm/minute or more to meet the requirements and leave sharp cutting lines. Also, this limits the grip on the cutting line during the cutting process. Ngoc Viet CNCs products gain a movement speed of 12,000-20,000 mm/min depending on each type of machine. Not only affect the cutting line, movement speed also greatly affects the productivity of the machine, directly affects the economy of the business. The machine has a higher cutting speed, will cut faster and be more economical for sure.

Control center system

The computer controller must be an industrial computer, not a commonly used personal computer. Industrial computers are a set of computers manufactured specifically to control machines with high quality and durability. It also meets conditions of shockproof and works well in harsh strong vibrations, high temperatures and lots of dusty environments. We always spend on industrial computers from Japanese firms. If the user applies a CNC Plasma Cutting Machine uses a normal computer to control, they should give up thinking about it. Besides, we also designed the dismantle control system from the machine and be carefully protected in a separate container. As a result, the operator possible to safely operate the machine as well as easily set up the machine or arrange the control position. Computer configuration and computer operating systems are also paid attention and selected to operate the best machine.

Motor application

The X, Y and Z axes must be equipped servo motor rather than a stepping motor as many current products on the market. Although the servo motor has a much higher price, its advantages are worth using for Plasma CNC Cutting Machine. To better understand, we should read more about the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of engines. Stepper motor is associated with low accuracy. Also, missing-step often occur when encountering obstacles or operating with a large load. This affects the cutting line and deviation that the operator cannot control. Servo motor is completely superior to the stepper motor because of its outstanding advantages that maintain the machine work more accurately. Accordingly, when encountering an obstacle or a large load, the engine will increase its power to overcome those barriers. In addition, the engine will stop operating and report an error to the control system if the resistance is large, which supports the operator to identify the error to handle. Because of such advanced technologies, this type of motor has a higher cost than a multi-step motor. Nevertheless, we always use this type of engine for our products for quality priority.

Cutting head height controller

The material surface is not always flat, they can be protruding or warping. Besides, the distance from the cutting head to cutting material is very important when cutting materials with CNC Plasma Cutting Machine. That why it is necessary to have an automatic height control system. When facing a warped material surface, it will adjust the height of the cutting head appropriately with the surface of the material to help ensure the distance for the cutting line to be accurate and beautiful. In addition, it also protects the cutting head as well as the machine from major damages, which ensures safer for operators and workers. The height controller is applied to our Plasma CNC V4 Cutter series which used for cutting thick materials to avoid an unexpected large cutting line. As for NOVI 5000B and NV 12000C models, we apply cutting disc technology, because when cutting thin materials, it requires high cutting speed and fast surfing. Products from other businesses may not be able to cut thin or thick materials or jagged edges as we can.

Cutter fracture toughness system

During operation, if the material is turned on, this system will protect the cutter by detecting and stopping the process, then report the error to the operator of the machine. After fixing the problem, cutting process will continue to run again. For this reason, the anti-fracture system should be considered as an extremely important item to equip on CNC Plasma Cutting system.

Controlling software

There are many instructions for buying CNC plasma cutting machines from many businesses, but most focus only on the hardware instead of control software, which is considered the brain of the machine. This is because they use software from other manufacturers and mostly low accuracy. Unlike them, Ngoc Viet CNC has a team of software self-research and development for our own that we are master at the algorithm and technology. Our control software demonstrates the superiority when supporting the control language is Vietnamese and is the specialized software for precise mechanical processing, not woodcutting software as many businesses still use.

Plasma cutting mechanism

Plasma is understood as a state of matter when substances are strongly ionized. The majority of atoms or molecules have only a nucleus and electrons moving relatively freely between the nuclei. The plasma cutting machine uses the principle of plasma gas to carry out the metal cutting process. As follows, this based on the use of very high temperatures and the extremely high-speed air flow from the nozzle to melt and blowfly the metal part opposite it from the cutting slot. When applied appropriately, the cutting line will be straight and less hold off slag, and slow cutting speeds can make the cutting process easier. The quality of the cutting line processed by a plasma cutter depends on the current intensity, the type of gas, the cutting speed, and the gap between cutting head and cutting object.

What does the plasma cutting system entail?

A basic plasma cutting system includes a power supply unit, an arc start circuit, and a cutting head. The components of the power supply system, the ionization capacity, and the control process are necessary to produce high quality and high-yield cutting on various types of metals. The power supply kit is a continuous one-way power source with a voltage of 240 to 400 VDC. The output current of the power supply determines the speed and thickness of the system to be cut. The main function of the power source is to provide accurate energy to maintain the plasma arc after ionization. Arc start circuit is a high-frequency generator that generates an AC voltage of 5000 to 10000 volts at a frequency of 2 million Hz (2MHz). This voltage is used to create a high-intensity arc inside the cutter head to ionize the gas, thus producing plasma. The cutting head is used to hold consumable parts such as nozzles (cutting blades), electrodes and provide coolant (gas or water) to these mentioned parts for maintaining the plasma.

What gas generate Plasma?

The plasma gas environment must ensure: effectively shape for cutting arc; create high quality cutting surfaces; efficiently heat transfer into metal cutting objects; extend long life for cutting parts; add cutting heat through an exothermic reaction, and to be economical and safe. Commonly used gases are nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, oxygen, compressed air. Especially, inert gas for the cutest surface is clean, suitable for non-ferrous metals. Atomic O2 gas works to improve the transfer of energy into the arc for cutting objects through the separation-re-assembly mechanism. Oxygen gas has high-energy efficiency when cutting, which creating an exothermic reaction of oxygen with cutting materials, therefore giving high productivity. The most used gas is compressed air. Water can be added to the cutter to improve the quality of the steel cutting surface and increase the cutting speed. It is also possible to supplement combustion gas to speed up cutting copper and copper alloys and improve cutting surface quality.

Operation of CNC plasma cutting machines

The power supply and the starting arc circuit are connected to the cutting head with internal pipes and wires. Pipes and conductors provide gas flow, electric current, starting arc current in accordance with the cutting head to bait and maintain the cutting process. The operating principle of the CNC plasma cutting machine includes the following steps:

1. Start

First, there will be a start signal sent to the power supply. Consequently, the current with 280 VDC voltage is activated, and the gas flow starts moving to the cutting head of the CNC plasma cutting machine. This voltage is measured from the electrode to the nozzle of a CNC plasma cutter. The spraying of the machine is connected to the positive side of the power supply through a resistor and relay. Meanwhile, the cutting material is directly connected to the positive side of the power supply. Airflow will move through the nozzle and then go out to the environment. During the first period, the voltage is open therefore there is no arc emitting or current flowing through the DC.

2. Create the flow of electric spark arc

When the gas flow is stable, the new arc circuit begins to run. A high voltage from 5000 to 10000 VAC is created by arc circuits in very high frequencies. Now at this time, the current will be discharged through the electrode and the nozzle inside the cutting head. This is also a place the gas created plasma pass and exit into the environment. The energy passed from high-frequency sparks through the gas stream makes the gas flow ionized and capable of conducting electricity. Therefore, it will create an electrical wire between the electrode and the nozzle due to the ionized gas flow. The arc is formed in this process and is pushed by the gas stream to the hole of the nozzle, then goes out to form a stream of primer arc.

3. Finish the process of creating the primer ray

When the nozzle moves close to the cutting material, the plasma arc will strike the cutting material as the current path to the anode of the power supply. This arc is not limited by a resistor as the nozzle connected to the anode. The power supply unit will recognize the current flowing through the cutting material. At this time, the arc starter kit will automatically stop working, and the pilot relay will open when current flows through the cutting material are identified. Ionization current is maintained by energy from the plasma arc of direct current.

4. Begin the process of cutting materials

The arclight in high temperature has the ability to It melts, breaks and blows away the molten material below the cutting line thanks to the extremely high speed of the air stream. At this time, the cutting process start and the cutter automatically control following the cut lines already made on the computer.

5. Cutting process and height control

The height controller of the CNC plasma cutting machine starts to operate when the CNC plasma cutting machine starts to move along the lines on the drawing. Depending on the curvature of the cutting material, the height controller automatically senses the distance and controls the height appropriately and automatically to ensure that the height from the nozzle to the material is always stable and cutting products are always as desired.

Select power supply for CNC plasma cutting machine

There are many types of power supplies manufactured from different suppliers on the market. In general, there are numerous kinds of products in quality and price, as well as operating costs. The most prominent is the products of manufacturers such as China, Taiwan, Japan, Italy, America, etc. So, if you do not understand the nature of these types of sources, it is difficult to choose right. We will present some advantages and disadvantages of the above manufacturers’ power sources to customers have more information for easily purchasing the most suitable products. The first is China’s source: Currently, Chinese goods have been imported into Vietnam a lot, even if the volume of products consumed in the country today, Chinese products make up a relatively large market share. However, after using for a time, the purchasers discover although the initial investment price is much lower than other firms, if used for about 1 to 2 years, the maintenance cost for user fees, even if changing the whole system is calculated much higher. Moreover, when the quality of the source is not guaranteed, the products created are also greatly affected. The second is Korea’s source: Korea’s resources rated higher than Chinese sources. Nevertheless, after operating for around 2 years, Korean power supplies start quickly deteriorating or even may need replacing with the new source. The third is a Japanese source: Japanese products are always better quality. Japanese D-8000 power supplies work well for the first 3-5 years of use. It is advisable to choose D-12000 power supply (cutting line 120A) as a power source with long-term durability and stability. The fourth is Taiwan’s source: Hero is famous as the source of Taiwan’s, popularly Hero-90 (cutting line 90A). This series has a good life expectancy with little odd damage that achieves harmony between price and quality concern. With a reasonable budget, you can choose this source. The fifth is the source of America: America has two famous plasma source manufacturers, Hypertherm and Thermal Dynamics. Hypertherm power supplies cost 10 – 20% higher than Thermal Dynamics and are more popular in the market. Additionally, Hypertherm source is the best-rated power source if you want to invest in your CNC plasma cutting machine with the best power source. If your CNC plasma cutter is full of important automatic features, the price of installing Hypertherm plasma power supply is a perspicacious and long-term choice. Because Hypertherm plasma is extremely durable (production unit warranty for up to 3 years), over many years of plasma source repairing we have never had the opportunity to fix Hypertherm’s plasma source ever. When properly configured a Hypertherm cutting & electrode set is capable of cutting from 400 to 1000 meters on 10mm thick metal. As estimated, the cost of spare parts per meter to cut less than 5 cents.

Application of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

CNC plasma cutting machines widely used in workshops and mechanical processing plants, as follows:
  • Appl in machine manufacturing and manufacturing of mechanical tools.
  • Apply in manufacturing household appliances such as stainless steel kitchen utensils.
  • Apply in manufacturing equipment related to advertising and signage.
  • Apply in manufacturing windpipes for HVAC systems
  • Apply in the field of repairing and building new ships.
  • Apply in manufacturing all kinds of industrial electrical cabinets.
  • Apply in manufacturing heavy industrial machines.
  • Apply in manufacturing transformers in the electricity industry.
  • Apply in the manufacture of interior decoration products.
  • Apply in the production of artistic and artistic design products.

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