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Technical manual for efficient use and operation of CNC plasma cutting machines

When using a good quality CNC plasma cutting machine as the products produced by Ngoc Viet CNC, the arc flow emitted from the cutting head has met the criteria that give beautiful and precise cutting lines, unlike poor quality products, especially Chinese origin merchandise. The operator needs to have the proper experience and technique of plasma cutting in order to control the cutter smoothly operate with the optimal speed and sharp cutting lines, which helps improve longevity and volume working of the cutting machine. Here are the instructions for using and operating CNC plasma cutting machines for operators

Preparing to use plasma cutting machine:

Manual for plasma cutting machine: The operator must check the cutting torch whether it is straight and perpendicular to the cutting table. It is also necessary to check the cutter with the electrodes to see if it is still in good use so as not to happen the case of unexpected cutting problem or damage to the product. The important thing is that after checking the details, users have to review whether the cutting torch is fastened to the jig and check the overall view of the problem of the CNC plasma cutting machine.. Instructions for using portable plasma cutting machines: When using a portable CNC plasma cutting machine, the operator needs to use both hands holding the machine firmly, which easily maintain the cutting distance between the cutting head and the face material. It is necessary to cut in associated positions that the operator can easily move as well as manipulate the CNC plasma cutting machine in hand.

Before pressing the button to operate the plasma cutting machine:

Manual for CNC plasma cutting machine: The operator needs to fully and accurately set the parameters before starting to operate the button. Parameters need setting: cutting material, cutting material thickness, cut off line, cutting shape, etc. When setting up full parameters, it is possible to start the CNC plasma cutting machine. Instructions for using portable plasma cutters: For an experienced operator, it is quite simple to see the cut. But for those who use portable plasma cutters a lot, it is necessary to have some practice before cutting, especially for long cuts. The training will help the operator to be more hands-on during the cutting process to avoid hand rubs, tripping while cutting, which affects cutting products and cutting line quality. It is important for laborers to cut off all types of pre-cut materials before beginning cutting on actual products. This can help operators sense and understand the process of cutting those materials.

In the process of using the plasma cutting machine

In the process of operating the CNC plasma cutting machine and portable plasma cutting machine, if there is an electric spark shot back on the surface of the cutting material, you must have shown the cutting head moving so fast that the electric arc beam not pierced through cutting materials and shot back. To defeat this, the operator needs to reduce the speed of operating the machine to limit this. In terms of cutting speed, each type of material and depending on the thickness and complexity of the cut, we need to adjust a reasonable speed to have the best and most accurate cutting.

Techniques for cutting plasma with thick materials

When using a CNC plasma cutting machine to cut thick materials, the end of the cutting line may not be as you want. This incommodes less experienced people to perform plasma cutters because it can affect cutting products. Consequently, the operator needs to reduce speed when entering corners or go into the end of the process. When using a portable plasma cutter, it is necessary to control the machine at a lower speed at the corner and the end of the cutting line. That is for the machine can cut off the material so as not to leave large amounts of excess material. Usually, when cutting large-scale materials, there will be some plasma cutting slag under the cutting line. Ngoc Viet CNC plasma cutting machine has been researched and produced to produce the least amount of slag because too much slag can deform the cutting line. When there is a slag, it is also easy to use a hammer or other metal objects to remove it because its grip is not high. Thus, Ngoc Viet CNC shared instructions on how to use and operate CNC plasma cutting machines and portable plasma cutters for customers and readers. Applying these cutting techniques can help you achieve a clear cut quality. You can refer more about our products via the link

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