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The process of manufacturing square windpipes with modern technology

The process of manufacturing square windpipes almost do not be public on the Internet, so in this article, Ngoc Viet CNC will provide you with the most useful information about the process of manufacturing a square windpipe by the most modern windpipe production line of Autoline V today. A little introduction about our company: Our company is the first Vietnamese enterprise who research and produce the most modern Autoline windpipe production line. Ngoc Viet CNCs products have quality comparable to imported products from Japan and the US thanks to the closed, modern production process, and the equipment imported from Japan, America, also the processing process used High-quality materials. However, the cost of products is many times cheaper than mentioned imported products. In addition to the windpipe production line, Ngoc Viet also produces CNC plasma cutting machines - windpipe processing machines, CNC laser cutting machines, CNC plasma cutting machines according to Japanese standards. If you - our valued Customers interested in Ngoc Viet CNCs products can directly contact us or view other available articles on our website.

Production process of square wind pipe by Autoline V

The process of manufacturing square windpipes with Autoline V includes a small loop of processes: Load materials into support rolls; Pull tole into Autoline II machine; Straightening, rigid tendon rolling, angle cutting and cutting off with Autoline II; Double eyelid (double eyelid) with double eyelid running system; Flange run with double flange machine; The robotic hand system keeps the religion and performs bending to create products by hydraulic folding system; Closed corner; Repeat the process until the material rolls out and reload.

Material loading

The main point of the material loading process is to put the corrugated coil into the material rack. For the Autoline V line of Ngoc Viet CNC, the support roll has a capacity of 5 tons per roll. Moreover, it has total of 4 corrugated rolls to accommodate many different religious sizes. The process begins by using forklifts with a capacity of over 5 tons to lift the roll of material and put the support shaft into the coil. After the toles support shaft has been inserted into a neat corrugated coil, the lifting machine is used to bring this coil into the machines support shaft. This step finish, the material loading process is complete.

Pull materials (corrugated iron)

2 rolo in Autoline II is used to pull material. While the straightened and the ribbed system work as support power to continuously pull the material. When inserting the corrugated edge into the raw rolo, then starting the machine, the material pulling system will pull and remove the material from the corrugated roll to bring it into Autoline II.

Straighten, stiffen ribs

3 rolo straightening of Autoline II is used to straighten the rugged surface of materials. Passed this straightening system, the material is moved to a flat state to create cubelike and standard windpipe products.
Autoline II machine includes 2 ribbed stiffen rollers used to increase the stiffness of the material. This feature supports the duct to be more rigid as well as to be undistorted under the finished product. When going through the ribbed stiffen system, the material is created in a square rib with a nearly square angle.

Angle shearing stage

The process of angle cutting is also carried out in Autoline II. After being straightened and rolled, the material will be taken to the angle shearing system. This cutting system consists of 4 cutting knives arranged to cut the appropriate angle.

Bar-cutting step

Cutting board into new sheets is the end of the Autoline II process then bring these sheets to the next process. The hydraulic cutter system used to cut the board is made of hardened and polished steel SDK purpose to increases sharpness. The material sheet passes through the cutter and leaves the corrugated coil with full size to form a complete square duct that was preprogrammed size.

Double seam running

The rear double eyelid runner system is connected with the Autoline II system by a material conveyor. After passing through the 1st material conveyor, the material will be fixed to be run a double seam. The double seaming system consists of a rolo system arranged to break the edges of material into a double seam. The system returns to its original position after finish double seam running step, and the material continues to go to the 2nd conveyor to move to the flange run system.

Flanges operating

The double flange operating system consists of 2 rolo systems arranged to break the flanges on both sides of the sheet. After going through the double-flange running system, the material plate has been completed. Next, a square wind duct is formed just by folding into a square tube.

Folding duct

Folding the tube is the final process of the Autoline V duct production line. The material will be fixed by a programmable robotic hand system. These robotic hand will push the material into the folding machine pre-set dimensions to form duct with required size same to production order.

Scam closing, angle closing

Angular closing is operated via separately angular closure system. A complete air duct is formed when scam closing and angular closing done. Dây chuyền sản xuất ống gió - ke góc ống gió Ngoc Viet CNC Autoline V windpipe production line is currently the most modern square windpipe production line. For further information about Ngoc Viet CNC products, please refer to the product division.

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