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What types of gases do plasma cutters use to create plasma?

What is a plasma cutting machine?

CNC plasma cutting machine is a type of design that uses the principle of plasma gas to perform the metal cutting process, utilizing the high temperature and high movement speed of the airflow sprayed from the plasma cutter head mouth to cut metal material. Currently, Ngoc Viet CNC is a leading company producing and distributing plasma cutting machines in Vietnam. There are many gases can be used to create plasma in the plasma cutting process, follow Ngoc Viet CNC to learn the gases that make plasma in the CNC plasma cutting machine! Máy cắt plasma cnc novi 5000b

Gases used in plasma cutting machines

The gases commonly used in plasma cutting are oxygen, nitrogen, or the air in the form of clean and compressed, either a mixture of hydrogen - argon. The gases listed here will ensure the high-quality cutting lines by effectively delivering heat to the cutting object, which lasts the life of the equipment as well as creates a great shape for cutting arc. They also are high safety and economic efficiency. Nitrogen gas is often used in CNC plasma cutting machines to cut non-ferrous metals because it gives the cleanest cutting surface in gases. While oxygen gas atoms, which is used for the most common plasma cutting, help improve energy transfer into the arc with the re-separation mechanism. In addition, to improve the cutting surface, we add water to the cutting torch. Let join Ngoc Viet CNC to learn more about these gases.

Using air in CNC plasma cutting machines

The air is the most common gas used to make plasma. Before being used, the air is usually cleaned to remove dirt and then compress. The plasma made from air capable of cutting materials such as carbon steel, aluminium, stainless steels has a perfect cutting speed and high cutting quality. When using air, it is also necessary to select air filtration and compression systems suitable for cutting requirements. However, when cutting plasma with air, there are also some problems affecting plasma seam welds in oxidized or nitrogenized areas. Therefore, when using air in a plasma cutting machine, we must use welding wires that have the effect of denitrifying nitrogen and oxygen. With the advantages such as good cutting speed, high economic efficiency, each slash-cut less, less loss of life of the device, hence the air is the first choice of enterprises using plasma cutting machines.

Use Nitrogen gas in CNC plasma cutting machine

Formerly, people used nitrogen gas to cut plasma in CNC plasma cutting machines, but now it is commonly used when cutting materials such as aluminium and stainless steel because it supports to create the excellent cutting quality and ensures high longevity for the device. When cutting material has a thickness of more than 0.5 inches, it is often used Argon - Hydro gas to support. People also use nitrogen gas to protect in plasma cutting. However, if using CO2 for protection, the cutting quality and speed will be better but high cost. Moreover, a water cutting table also is used to smooth down the cutting line toward materials like aluminium and stainless steel.

Using oxygen in CNC plasma cutting machines

When cutting materials such as carbon steel, oxygen often is chosen to gain the best speed and cutting quality. A chemical reaction takes place between Oxygen and Carbon steel material and oxide is created. As a result, the melting temperature reduces, whereby the cutting line smaller and molten particles very small.  When using oxygen for plasma cutting, the cost will be higher and the device life is less. However with the effect that oxygen brings, many businesses still use oxygen to create Plasma in CNC Plasma cutting machines.

Using Argon - Hydro gas in CNC plasma cutting machine

When cutting aluminium or stainless steel materials with a thickness greater than 0.5 inches, factories often use Argon - Hydro gas mixture.The ratio of gas used in this mixture is usually 35% Hydro and 65% Argon. The Argon - Hydro mixture provides the highest plasma cutting temperature, commonly used with a sprinkler system and can cut materials up to 15cm thick. Using Argon-Hidro mixture makes the cutting line extremely small with stainless steel, using Nitrogen gas as protective gas. Using this gas mixture also expenses a high cost for equipment and operating fee. Ngoc Viet CNC would like to sincerely thank you for visiting our website. Hope our information will be useful to you in CNC plasma cutting machine field. Wish you have lots of health and lots of joys in life! Sincerely thank!

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