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What is a CNC cutting machine, and what are the characteristics of CNC machines?

What CNC cutting machine is ( CNC plasma cutting machine in particular ) It must be a question in your mind, thats probably why you came to this article. To answer your concerns, we will detail the CNC cutting machine so you can know more about it.

What is a CNC cutting machine?

CNC word stands for English phrase Computer (ized) Numerical (ly) Control (led) means "Computer-controlled". Computer control means a computer that helps people automatically control repetitive processes or processes that work in a cycle that can be calculated and clearly defined. Control here is to control machines to produce complex metal and electrical parts by using programs written in a language and specialized symbols according to EIA-274-D, often referred to as the G-code by the technical world.

The birth of CNC cutting machine?

CNC cutting machine was created and developed in the late 40s and early 50s of the 20th century at a famous laboratory of MIT, which is Servomechanism.The emergence of CNC cutting machines have quickly changed the production of previous industries. Complicated curves that the mechanical industry struggled to accomplish with high accuracy, now it has been done easily as making straight lines. Besides the complex structures of 3D models can also be easily implemented. Importantly, its superiority is that the human force must have greatly reduced or must have saved great labour costs in production.

Advantages of CNC cutting machine?

The manufacturing industries of CNC cutting machines and CNC control machines create tremendous growth in the quantity and quality of products. Labour productivity has increased so many times that products made from CNC technology minimize errors, workers can take time off or do other jobs in the period automatic working machine. Also, CNC machines allow us flexibility in manipulating products and the time required to change machines to produce other components or products.

CNC machine operation line.

Todays industrial production environment, we can see that CNC machines can be combined into both chains and combined into a production complex that companies often call cells, which purpose to machines CNC can run many manipulations on a production department. Todays CNC machines are controlled directly from drawings by the CAM software, so a part or assembly can be directly from design to production without the need for print drawings of every detail. It can be said that CNC machines are segments of robotic systems in the industry, that is, they are designed to perform a lot of manipulation in the production process, but also in the limit because it cannot replace People absolutely as all.

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