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What is a CNC plasma cutting machine? And the exact understanding about the name of CNC plasma cutting machine.

CNC Plasma cutting machines have a function that automatically cut metal materials. Formerly, people often cut metal by hand or by using primitive machines and advanced machines later. In general, all of these machines still need to be supported by the labour force. Until CNC Plasma Cutting Machine was born, the operating completely changed, which is considered a breakthrough in mechanical processing, shipbuilding, machine manufacturing...
When making a question that What is CNC plasma cutting machine, you must have never seen a CNC Plasma Cutter in reality. So in this article, Ngoc Viet CNC will introduce to you to understand what is a CNC Plasma Cutting Machine and distinguish it from another name Plasma Cutting Machine.

What is a CNC plasma cutting machine?

Formerly, people often cut metal by hand or with more primitive. After that, advanced machines and modern machines are applied, but all of them still had to use a lot of labour, which wasted the labour force a lot. When CNC Plasma Cutting Machine was born, the operating process completely changed, metal materials are cut automatically. This is considered as a breakthrough in mechanical processing, shipbuilding, machine manufacturing, etc. To operate a CNC Plasma Cutter need only one worker though the productivity can be dozens of times higher than former machining methods. When using the machine, the operator only needs to set the parameters, then enter the data by drawing, and put the material on the cutting table, take the starting point for the cutting torch and let the machine start working. The machine will automatically cut the material according to a pre-designed into a product same as entered drawing.

What is the difference between the CNC Plasma cutting machine and Plasma Cutting Machine?

although its easy to identify the difference between two names, however, its also ambiguous to clearly understand the distinction between them. The word "CNC", which is a term in the mechanical industry, stands for Computer Numerical Control - a mechanical cutting - lathe system, is controlled by a computer and works automatically. The meaning of the word "CNC" in CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is an automatic plasma cutting system, while the concept of "Plasma cutting machine" can be misunderstood to a portable plasma metal cutting machine. This type of machine must be used human hand to control the cutting process, and the quality of the cutting product depends entirely on the technique and experience of the user.

In summary, to distinguish these two concepts, we have a simple list like the following:

Plasma CNC cutting machine cut metal by using Plasma cutting method combined with CNC automatic control technology controlled by computer and operated automatically. Plasma cutting machines is a general concept for both CNC Plasma Cutting Machines and portable CNC Plasma Cutting Machines. Its a misleading concept for those seeking information about these two types of products. Ngoc Viet Manufacturing Trading Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine in Vietnam for decades. Ngoc Viet CNC specializes in manufacturing CNC Plasma Cutting Machines, CNC Laser Cutting Machines, Wind Pipe Processing Machines, Automatic Wind Pipe Production Lines ... and corresponding accessories. We are very pleased to supply all your need.

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